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Have a sustainable stay at Jalé Ecolodge on São Tomé Island, the ideal place for nature lovers seeking for peace, adventure and that at the same time want to contribute to conservation of nature and local culture.


Jalé Ecolodge is situated in the south of São Tomé Island, on Jalé Beach, next to Obô Natural Park, near the imaginary line of the equator, in an area integrating mangrove, marine and tropical forest ecosystems.

The Jalé Ecolodge has three Bungalows built based on the principles and techniques of Bioconstruction, respecting the principles of ecotourism.

During your stay you will have the opportunity to participate in a night tour for observation of sea turtle females nesting and follow the work of Programa Tatô team. Contact one of our team members during your stay.



through the Ecolodge website

or through another booking service.

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