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Programa Tatô is the result of the work, dedication and collaboration of all sectors of society, from fishermen to women fishmongers, their families and their communities, national authorities, civil society, technical staff and researchers and even the journalists and media promoting the conservation message and work of sea turtles on the island of São Tomé and Guinea Bissau. The contribution of our national and international partners is also fundamental; non-governmental organizations; private companies and national governments.

Our main technical partner is MARAPA. Founding member of Programa Tatô with whom we coordinate side by side the conservation of sea turtles, being also a key partner in the institutional representation of Programa Tatô. We can never forget that it was MARAPA who took the first steps in protecting sea turtles in São Tomé and Príncipe and who has now taken the initiative to create this new organization, Association Programa Tatô. 

Programa Tatô has several financial supports, especially the  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the LisboN OCEANARIUM, which have been following us for a few years now, giving us a fundamental support, not only financially but also technically.


We also have several donations from Portuguese companies and international organizations, fans of our cause and who help Programa Tatô to protect sea turtles and improve the quality of life of coastal communities.

The partnership in Guinea Bissau to support the conservation efforts of sea turtles in the Bijagos Islands, Programa Tatô also receives funding from the Institute of Biodiversity and Protected Areas of Guinea-Bissau (IBAP) as part of a project funded by the MAVA Foundation.

The sustainability of Programa Tatô depends on the collective participation and collaboration of all, allowing us to contribute to a more just world, where human development and respect for all forms of life go along side by side.

Programa Tatô is the result of the work, dedication and collaboration of all sectors of society (...)

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