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Eco-volunteering and Eco-tourism

Sustainable community-based ecotourism to respond to the increasing interest for turtle watching tours.

To respond to the growing interest for turtle watching tours, Programa Tatô has been developing several community-based ecotourism actions:

- The Museum of the Sea and Artisanal Fisheries, in the community of Morro Peixe in the north of São Tomé island, with an interpretative center, a hatchery and a local shop with products made by the productive group of women and national artisans;
- The Tatô House, with an interpretative center at Praia Jalé in the south of the island (under construction);
- The Training for specialized turtle watching eco-guides;
- Responsible Turtle watching Tours (nesting females during the nesting process and release of hatchlings) in partnership with the touristic agency Paradise Tours São Tomé;
- Eco-volunteering program in partnership with the german agency One World.

Find out more information on the page Participate.



tourists since 2015


adopted sea turtles


visits to the Museum of the Sea and Artisanal Fisheries since 2015


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