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Sea Turtles of Guinea Bissau

Contribution to the consolidation of sea turtle conservation in Bijagós archipelago, Guinea Bissau.

In partnership with IBAP, Instituto da Biodiversidade e das Áreas Protegidas Dr. Alfredo Simão da Silva and the NGO Palmeirinha, and with the financial support of MAVA Foundation, since 2018, Programa Tatô has been contributing to the consolidation of sea turtle conservation efforts on the Bijagós archipelago through:

- Sharing of knowledge and experience during exchange trips to get to know other projects operating in other countries, as Programa Tatô in São Tomé and Príncipe, Projeto Tamar in Brazil and other projects in Cape Verde;
- Contributing to the reinforcement of technical capacities among the guinnense main stakeholders in sea turtle conservation;
- Developing public awareness and environmental education strategies;
- Elaborating environmental communication skills to raise awareness on the importance of sea turtle conservation.



local agents technicians trained


communities visited


children and adults participated in awareness actions


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